SYBILLA (Systems biology of T-cell activation in health and disease)

SYBILLA, systems biology of T-cell activation in health and disease, is a European Union-funded large integrated project in framework program 7 (FP7). It is funded for 5.5 years with 11.1 mio Euro and started in April 2008. It has 14 scientific and 3 industrial partners from 11 countries, lead by Dr. Wolfgang Schamel, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany, as the scientific coordinator.

The goal of SYBILLA is to understand the intracellular signalling network of T cells that determines T cell fate.

The standardized protocols developed and used in SYBILLA are now made availabel to the public and can be downloaded under the "protocol" section.

Although funding by the EU terminated in September 2013, SYBILLA members decided on their last meeting to continue with their intense collaborations using other resources. 
Thus, we can announce that
the next SYBILLA meeting takes place on the 1st and 2nd October 2014 in Madrid, 
organized by Balbino Alarcon !!!

Download the Flyer.

"Every part is reciprocally both end and means. In such a product nothing is in vain, without an end, or to be ascribed to a blind mechanism of nature."
Immanuel Kant