Virtual T Cell

The virtual T cell allows an online simulation of the response of this immune cell to external signals.
The virtual T cell
by Utz-Uwe Haus (ETHZ), Robert Weismantel (ETHZ), Jon Lindquist (UNIMAG), Burkhart Schraven (UNIMAG) and SYBILLA

SYBILLA has generated an on-line interactive version of the T-cell signalling network (called virtual T cell) to the scientific community. 
This  virtual T cell includes 403 elements (proteins or other signalling molecules) covering 15 inputs (receptors such as the TCR, its co-receptor CD4/CD8, IL2 receptor, etc), and 52 outputs (representing transcription factors, cell cycle regulators, etc.).

We believe that the virtual T cell provides an optimal platform to analyze how differences in individual nodes might have a global influence on the activation state of T cells.

In order to apply for an access to the virtual T cell please send us an email.

More information can be found here in English and in German.